We are a conscientious company with truly clean products. Our intention is to create real living food that is not only good for you but tastes amazing too. For a happy mind and body, our products are made with a mother’s love poured into every batch.

Luv, Maman was built on values and relationships, trust, integrity, and honesty. Our work is based on research and expertise in biochemistry, health and nutrition, cell and molecular biology, and human anatomy and physiology.

We strongly believe in the importance of nutrition for human health condition at the cellular and molecular level and emphasize on the dietary choices that define a positive long-term wellbeing in every cell in the body.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates) is a principle we incorporated into our own lives after years of struggling with chronic health conditions. Experiencing the incomparable benefits first-hand inspired and motivated us to share this lifestyle concept and promote it with our own line of truly healthy wholesome food.

Our vision is to transform eating habits into a wellness ritual with sustainable  health benefits. We strive to replace empty-calorie food with Luv, Maman nutrition-packed products in every family's kitchen and in every healthfood store's shelf.

During years of practice, we learned that not all nutrient-dense foods are equal. Depending on the health of the soil they are grown in, the way and the time they are harvested, and the way they are processed, and many other involved factors, they could be on the two ends of the spectrum of so called 'healthy superfood'. We now know where to source truly nutrition-rich food and select only the best ingredients – just as we prepare food for our own family.

Our mission is to create a “fast clean fuel” and a "superpower living food" with "high ingredients' diversity" that nourishes every cell in the body and builds diversity in the gut microbiome, hence bringing the individual to a higher state of health.

We are a conscious and eco-friendly company and most of our food packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable. We respect animals, plants, and our planet Earth. We try to minimize our footprints by reducing household wastes and to leave a clean world behind for our future generation. We support small family farms and whenever possible, we purchase our products from fair-trade and sustainable sources.


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