In the bustling world of health and nutrition, one individual stands out for her unwavering commitment to fostering genuine well-being through true health habits and lifestyle. Dr. Nakisa Nowroozi, the visionary founder of Luv Maman Superfood, brings a unique blend of academic expertise and heartfelt devotion to the forefront of the holistic wellness movement.

The Genesis of a Mission

Dr. Nowroozi's journey is rooted in a personal quest for healing, ignited by a mother's love and a genuine concern for her family's well-being. Disheartened by the misinformation prevalent in the superfood industry and unable to find an honest, gut-friendly superfood that accommodated dietary restrictions while tasting exceptional, she took matters into her own hands.

The genesis of Luv Maman Superfood was marked by a determination to create products that not only met the highest nutritional standards but also catered to the sensitive and delicate nature of compromised gut health. Dr. Nowroozi's devotion to this mission sprang from the understanding that a compromised gut cannot be deceived by marketing ploys; it demands true, nutrient-dense nourishment.

Academic Prowess and Nutritional Wisdom

Dr. Nowroozi's academic background, with a Master's degree in Biochemistry and a Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology, serves as the bedrock of Luv Maman's commitment to true health. Drawing on 13 years of basic scientific research and a subsequent shift to teaching college Anatomy and Physiology, she possesses a unique ability to sift through nutritional research information. Her discerning eye distinguishes between authentic nutritional science and misleading claims, ensuring that only the most beneficial ingredients make their way into Luv Maman products.

A Culmination of Research and Knowledge

Years of grappling with chronic conditions propelled Dr. Nowroozi and her family toward the discovery of the proper way to prepare and consume a whole food diet. This culmination of research and personal experience underscores the essence of Luv Maman – a brand driven by the passion to share the transformative power of nutrient-dense, organic foods. Driven by an acute awareness of the factors influencing food quality, such as soil health, harvesting methods, and processing techniques, she meticulously sources the best ingredients for her products.

"Food as Medicine" - A Guiding Philosophy

At the heart of Dr. Nowroozi's devotion is the philosophy of "food as medicine." Her concern about the lack of knowledge in the general population regarding real healthy food and lifestyle propels her to be an educator. Through Luv Maman, she aims to bridge this knowledge gap, empowering families to make informed choices for their well-being.

Pouring a Mother's Love into Every Batch

The brand's name, "Luv Maman," encapsulates the sentiment of a mother's love in every product. Each batch is crafted with meticulous attention, mirroring the care Dr. Nowroozi extends to her own family. The intention is clear – to offer real living food that not only nurtures the body but also tantalizes the taste buds.


In conclusion, Dr. Nakisa Nowroozi's devotion to true health habits and lifestyle is not just a business mission but a personal calling. It's a commitment to sharing the wisdom gained through adversity, to guide individuals and families towards a path of genuine well-being. Through Luv Maman Superfood, she imparts not only nourishment for the body but also the knowledge needed for a truly healthy and fulfilling life.

ژانویه 13, 2024 — Luvmaman Sprouted Superfood