Once, my son invited two of his friends to our home. I made an organic nutritious soup for dinner, bone broth with colorful vegetables but sadly our young guests ended up eating hot dogs instead as they would not touch the real food I had made for them!

Even the stoneground fermented mustard was foreign to them and they asked for ‘normal’ mustard. One child started smashing his leftover food inattentively and playing with it instead of eating it. When I asked him the reason, he said he was not hungry any more and was bored of just sitting there and having to wait for others to finish their dinner. This is an example of a typical child these days. Gut microbiome imbalances lead to “picky” eaters and “inattentive” children.

How can we help these children? I would start them on baby steps towards health.

Step 1: 
Reduce processed sugar, food colors/taste enhancers, natural and artificial flavors, preservatives, other additives, genetically modified products. 

Step 2:
Encourage eating a whole food meal with organic pasture-raised meat and poultry, lots and lots of colorful vegetables, and good healthy fats, like avocados, cold-pressed olive or avocado oil, ghee, and animal fats and healthy snacks. Avoid inflammatory vegetable oils. Also, add a cup of bone broth at each meal. 

Step 3:
There we go, you have already started healing the gut with food. Consider lots of outdoor fresh air and sun exposure and be close to nature, and physical/mental exercising on a daily basis. Breathing exercises are great way to reduce stress which is definitely good for you gut health.

I keep posting health tips on my YouTube channel. If you are interested to know  more about it, Please watch my video  series on gut health for more in depth explanation. 

مارس 26, 2021 — wajahat Ali