Hey there, Superfood Enthusiasts!

Dr. Nakisa Nowroozi here, the founder of Luv Maman Superfood. Today, I want to share the story behind our name and the deep meaning it holds for me.

"Luv Maman" isn't just a brand name; it's a tribute to the love and dedication of mothers everywhere. "Maman" means "Mama" in Farsi, reflecting the unconditional love, care, and nurturing that every mother embodies. As a mother myself, I know the profound impact that a mother's love can have on the health and well-being of her family.

My journey began with a personal quest to heal myself and my family from various health issues. Disappointed by the misinformation in the superfood industry and unable to find honest, gut-friendly options that suited our dietary needs, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started creating my own nutrient-dense superfoods and shared them with friends and family. That's how Luv Maman was born.

Years of struggling with chronic conditions taught us the importance of a whole food diet and a truly healthy lifestyle. We learned to prepare and consume foods that supported our health and ultimately overcame our health challenges. This experience fueled my passion for spreading knowledge about real, healthy living.

I am deeply concerned about the lack of awareness regarding genuine nutrition and the alarming rise in chronic and neurological disorders, especially in young children. This concern, combined with my academic and professional background, inspired me to start Luv Maman.

At Luv Maman, we pour a mother's love into every batch of our superfoods, ensuring they are clean, honest, and gut-friendly. Our mission is to promote true health and well-being, one spoonful at a time.

With love and care,

Dr. Nakisa Nowroozi

Founder, Luv Maman Superfood

May 25, 2024 — Luvmaman Sprouted Superfood