With a growing number of people with compromised gut health, there is a huge demand for a real, honest superfood that does not aggravate a sensitive and delicate gastrointestinal system, and this is where the products from Luv, Maman can serve extremely well.

A compromised gut can not lie when given a so-called "superfood" that does not contain true superfood qualities.
It will immediately react negatively and consequently objects to the assault; no matter how strong the marketing and advertisement of that "superfood" industry are.

Inspired by a mother’s love, luv maman was created to provide an honest superfood with clean ingredients.
These delicious nutritious spreads are a wonderful addition to children's lunchboxes. With quick and easy-to-follow recipes, kids can prepare nutrient-dense meals that support a healthy gut and a sharp mind.

Gut Health is vital to brain and body wellness. Luv Maman is a gut-friendly variety of sprouted and stone-ground raw nut butter, 100% grass-fed ghee, powerful superfoods, and raw unfiltered honey (low glycemic index compared to white sugar).
A nutrient-dense easy to digest food that is not only good for you, but tastes amazing too, and a great option for a no-processed sugar meal plan.

Make it now part of your daily clean-eating regimen!


April 30, 2023 — Luvmaman Sprouted Superfood